Your Questions. Answered

Tours can be run throughout the year for your school or group. We have tours running every month of the year as students from different countries have different holiday dates.  Our peak months are July and August, but just contact us to discuss what dates would work for you

The price of tours varies by the precise content that you wish to include in your trip.  As each trip is designed on a bespoke basis for your school and your students prices change accordingly.  However, as an estimate you should consider approx £175 per day as a guide. This includes all activities, meals, accommodation, Tour Director fee and transport.

Tours are designed on a bespoke basis, so the length will vary. However, our average tour length is 12 days.  This is a good amount of time to see a wide range of the UK.  Some schools will opt to come for a shorter period of time, and some for much longer.

The average age of students on our tour is 16.

If you plan to visit during the summer break then we can provide accommodation at University Halls of Residence.  This is a great way for students to experience life at a University.  Generally this accommodation is on a single sharing basis, although sometimes twin sharing can be an option 

During the University term time we stay in hotel accommodation.  This is twin sharing rooms (single gender). Our hotels are all hand picked and careful research and selection ensure that they are of the highest quality with modern safety and security features

About 75% of our tours take place in the United Kingdom. However in recent years we have run events and tours in Boston, New York, Washington DC, California, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Rome – and many more!

So, yes, we can certainly plan your education tour in a wide range of cities and countries. Contact us for further information

For sure. Each year many teaching staff travel with us to ensure their knowledge of Universities is up to speed.  Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a key activity for many College and Career Counsellors as is being able to meet with International Officers and faculty from Universities that are popular with your students.

Alongside the activities and tours at Universities for students our programs can also include CPD activities and network for teaching staff travelling with groups.

The design of each tour is completed in conjunction with teaching staff from the students school, so we can ensure that the trip is as relevant and enjoyable as possible for each student.

For example, we will be sure to include those universities that your school has a long track record and tradition of sending students to.

In addition, working with teahcing staff we can amplify and develop aspects of the curriculum that your students have been studying in the classroom.  For example, we can arrange lectures, seminars and other experiences related to topical issues such as Brexit and economics. Or we can visit sites from famous literature such as Stratford-Upon-Avon. Adding in elements such as these really helps students in their learning.

And of course each trip has time for ‘fun’ activities. Recent examples include a traditional Scottish Highland Games on the beach in St Andrews, soccer training at the University of Cambridge, Creative Writing & Drawing at Edinburgh Castle and of course a visit to Harry Potter World

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